Since 1967 I have worked with a wide range of computer hardware, software and associated technology.  Below are listed some of those items with which I have worked, often on a daily basis at the time.

ICL Mainframe Systems
Ferranti Orion, ICL 1900 and 2900 Series George 3 and DME,  various ICL batch and interactive terminal systems

Microcomputer Systems
CP/M and CCP/M single and multi-user systems, Concurrent DOS and Multi-User DOS single and multi-user stand alone and network systems using Arcnet and Ethernet
MSDOS, DRDOS and Novell DOS stand alone and network systems mostly using Novell Netware and Novell Personal Netware
Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Brief encounters with UNIX, PICK, VMS and some other more obscure operating systems.

Programming Languages
Ferranti Orion Assembler, Extended Mercury Autocode and FORTRAN II
ICL 1900 Series PLAN (assembler), COBOL and GEORGE 3 JCL
Micro Focus CIS and Professional COBOL
Microsoft FORTRAN 77, GWBasic and QuickBasic
Brief encounters with numerous other programming languages

Microcomputer Software Packages
WordPerfect Corp. products: WordPerfect for DOS and Windows, DataPerfect, PlanPerfect,  Presentations, DrawPerfect, and WordPerfect Office
Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 and WordPerfect Office 2000
Microsoft Office 95, Office 97 and Office 2000
ICL mainframe communications: TangoGate, TangoNet and Tango Plus
Supercalc, Wordstar, DataEase, Sage Sterling and Line 50, Gem Artline, Gem Publisher, Gem Scan, Procomm Plus
Many database development environments, including Paradox, FileMaker Pro, Clarion and dBase
A wide variety of electronic mail and web software packages
Many adaptive technology packages for use by people who are blind or partially sighted.  These include JAWS, Magic, Winvision, ZoomText, Supernova and HAL.  I am also familiar with use of a variety of Alva and PowerBraille Braille displays.
Numerous other packages

A wide range of PC compatibles and many add-ons including hard and floppy disk drives, CD drives, expansion cards, tape streamers, modems, speech synthesisers etc
The complete range of Epson dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers and Hewlett Packard laser and inkjet printers.  Numerous other printers
Networking hardware for both Arcnet and Ethernet
Serial communications using both direct connect and modem links
Numerous other hardware devices encountered in the course of my work

I have developed applications for use in various areas of business including local government, further education administration, estate agency, order processing, stock control and customer records.
In these applications I have used BASIC, CIS and Professional COBOL, DataPerfect and DataEase.

Security and System Integrity
From my mainframe experience I developed the skills needed to meet security requirements.  I have refined these skills and techniques within the personal computer environment.
I have made a study of the computer virus threat to PC systems and have the tools and expertise to advise and assist clients in protecting their systems.
I have been heavily involved in working with my clients to bring their systems up to an acceptable level of Year 2000 compliance.