In October 1996 I was elected President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DP Users Cooperative, later to become Data Perfectionists, Inc.  This was a company with shareholders throughout the world, meetings, elections and other business being conducted by electronic mail.  The main objectives of the Corporation were to support existing DataPerfect users and to build on the foundation of existing DataPerfect software and applications to provide support for DataPerfect facilities on additional hardware and software platforms.

In August 2000 I was elected President of the Blind Business Association Limited.  This organization existed to provide a forum in which people who were vision impaired and self employed could meet to network and share ideas.

In July 2001 I became the Blind Business Association representative on the Royal National Institute of the Blind Executive Council.  Here I quickly took up a place on the RNIB Education and Employment Committee and on the Education and Employment Services Sub-committee.  In January 2002 I was elected to the newly constituted Board of Trustees of RNIB, where I served for two years.

In November 2006 I was once more elected to the Trustee Board of the Royal National Institute of Blind People.  I was then asked to sit as a Board representative on the Direct Services Committee, where my experience in the field of employment and disability would be best used.  During 2009 I served as a Board representative on the Living with Sight Loss Programme Board and on the RNIB Northern Ireland Committee.  My term as an RNIB Trustee ended at the close of 2009.

During 1997 I served on the Hereford Hospitals Disabled Access Forum.  This was a group set up by the District Health Authority to advise on disabled access to the proposed new Hereford District General Hospital.