Following an AtW assessment, various support options may be recommended for an employee with a disability.  It is, however, left to the employee to ensure that the approved support is delivered in a way which is effective within his or her employment situation.  In the case of a client who is self-employed, this can impose an additional workload which is significant to the extent that it adversely affects operation of the business.

There can often be areas outside the influence of an employee, such as IT in a large organization or adaptations to the workplace, where there is generally no means of ensuring that the approved support is provided in a timely manner.  In the case of a client who is self-employed, some aspects of the support may lie outside the client's own areas of knowledge, so that outside assistance is required to implement the support recommendations.

I offer an AtW management service which sets out to liaise with all parties, so as to ensure that the support is put in place and that the disabled person is able to work as effectively as possible and as soon as possible.  This can greatly assist the employer in such areas as setting up computer adaptive software and integrating this with in-house systems, as well as reducing the in-house resources required to implement the support.  In a similar way, it can reduce the time and effort required of a self-employed person in implementing the recommended support.

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