Identification of areas where a person with a disability can bring real positive skills and expertise to specific jobs.  This can make it easier for a person with a disability to gain assistance from colleagues with parts of a job that they cannot do effectively.  The prime objective is to create situations where people with disabilities can trade strengths and weaknesses with colleagues in their work.  This is particularly effective in team situations, although it can also work in other employment scenarios.

Niche carving is of particular value to individuals who are contemplating starting their own business.  Experience shows that generally those who have been successful in their own businesses have carved out one or more niche markets in which they have been successful.  The value here is that one area, or niche, may be busy, whilst another is quiet;  it is also possible to develop and transfer business between niches.

Niche carving works well as a tool to aid job design and relies heavily on personal profiling to identify the best niches for an individual.

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