I offer a wide range of services aimed at supporting people who wish to start or grow their own business.  This can include everything from developing the initial business idea to getting the business up and running.  Initially, these services draw heavily on the job design and personal profiling approaches;  there can then be a period of ongoing support and mentoring.  I have developed my own self-employment training course, Stepping into Business, from which I build tailored training programmes for individual clients, taking into account their specific business and disability needs.

A large number of people with disabilities choose self-employment as their way of working.  Whether this is because of difficulties in getting a conventional job or because they have had to develop some of the strong personal characteristics and attributes necessary in business, they will inevitably have needs in their business which arise directly or indirectly from their disability.  My self-employment work attempts to capitalize on the abilities of the individual, to minimize the impact of their disability, but not to ignore problems that may arise from that disability.

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