Sometimes there are complex issues which extend across several assessment areas or which cannot be resolved by a single assessment visit.  A good example of this is where support worker needs have to be examined in great detail, by shadowing the client in work for a number of days.  Another example might be where a client has very specific or complex travelling needs.

In cases such as these, a special assessment can be undertaken, looking at the conventional assessment areas, but also bringing in whatever additional issues are to be addressed.  Such assessments generally take longer, but have been proved to be particularly useful, especially in establishing true support worker needs.

Special assessments might also be used as a way of resolving disputes, such as when a client has appealed against a support provision or when there is a possibility that a client is abusing the AtW system.

Please note that the issues to be covered in a special assessment should always be discussed with me in advance, so as to ensure that the relevant and appropriate areas are addressed by the assessment.

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