Many AtW clients require a support worker to assist them with some parts of their jobs.  Depending on the nature and severity of disability and the type of work being done, a greater or lesser amount of support time may be required.  Better assessment of support worker needs can enable a client to work more effectively, can increase client independence and can reduce support costs.

By looking in detail at the tasks to be undertaken in doing the job, and by identifying which tasks or parts of tasks are made more difficult or are impossible due to the client’s disability, it is possible to make a more accurate judgement as to the amount and extent of support needed.  Although there are business tools available which attempt to address this area, there is still no substitute for gaining a detailed understanding of the work being done by the client and placing that work in the context of the client’s disability.

Sometimes it is possible to assess the support worker needs at a single visit to the client's workplace.  On other occasions, it may be necessary to make several visits, providing training and guidance for both client and support worker along the way, so that a target level of support is identified and eventually achieved without adversely affecting the work of the client.

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