Many disabled people have support workers who assist them at work, but few ever have any guidance or training in how to manage these people and how best to make use of their time.  Training in support worker management can enable a person with a disability to have greater control over their work and thus become increasingly valuable to their employer or their own business.  The resulting increase in independence of the disabled person at work can reduce future support needs.

Training in the management of support workers is offered to individuals with disabilities.  The training takes account of the disability needs of the individual, the tasks for which support is being given and the amount of support worker time available.  The aim is always to improve the effectiveness of the support worker through proper management of tasks and time, so that the disabled person still feels in control of the work situation.

Support worker management training can also cover administration of support worker employment, including recruitment of support workers, their employment status and ongoing administration needs.  This type of training and support can be of great assistance to employers and to disabled people who are running their own businesses.

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