UKVISE is the United Kingdom Vision Impairment Small Enterprise and Self-Employment internet discussion group.  It is a free service, hosted at and open to anyone interested in matters relating to small enterprise or self-employment for people who are vision impaired.

To join the UKVISE group,  simply follow the following procedure:-

1.    Send a
blank email to with the word "on" in the subject line (without the quotes).

2.    You will receive a Confirmation Request email from the list management system.  Reply to this, leaving the subject line intact.

You will now receive a Welcome email and will be subscribed to the UKVISE group.  You will receive messages from other group members as these are posted.  You can also post messages to the UKVISE group by addressing them to or by replying to incoming messages.

In the event of any difficulty with the subscribe process, or any aspect
of list operation, please send email to or contact me direct.

The UKVISE discussion list is just one of a number of services being
hosted at  The United Kingdom Vision Impairment Employment discussion list, UKVIEMP, and the Vision Impairment Sector Job Vacancies advertising list, VISECTOR, are also hosted at and other lists may be added in due course.  For further information, please send email to or contact me direct.