One of the greatest difficulties for jobseekers who are vision impaired is the problem of finding suitable job vacancy adverts.  It is true that many large organizations do advertise their vacancies on the Internet and that an increasing number of these adverts are accessible to users of screenreader software.  However, the process of locating and reading these adverts is still many times more time consuming for a person who is vision impaired than for a person with normal vision.  VISECTOR is an attempt to resolve this problem by delivering job vacancy adverts direct to the email inboxes of jobseekers, thus removing the need to spend large amounts of time in browsing the Web for jobs.  VISECTOR is not a complete solution, but it does go a good way towards assisting jobseekers who are vision impaired.

The VISECTOR mailing list at has been created to provide a common noticeboard for advertising job vacancies which may be of interest to people who are blind or partially sighted in the United Kingdom.  The service is free to both list members (job seekers) and advertisers (usually employers).

The VISECTOR list carries advertisements for job vacancies from large and small employers who are open to employing people who are blind or partially sighted.  These adverts are posted to the list as soon as possible after they are received, so all list members will have the best possible opportunity of reading and responding to adverts.

Note that employers are responsible for the content of adverts and that the VISECTOR list owner, currently Brendan Magill, can accept no responsibility for adverts or any aspect of the jobs to which they relate.

Job vacancy adverts will be published on the VISECTOR mailing list as soon as possible after receipt;  this will usually be within a few hours.  However, since this service is free to advertisers and list members, no guarantee can be given in this respect.

If you or your organization wish to advertise job vacancies on the VISECTOR mailing list, please send them either in the body of an email message or as an attachment in Word format to the list owner, Brendan Magill, at

By prior arrangement, provision can be made for regular advertisers to post direct to the list.  This can allow an advertiser to ensure that vacancies are posted promptly, as well as sometimes being more convenient for the advertiser.

To join the VISECTOR list as a job-seeker follow the following procedure:-

Send a blank email to with the word "on" in the subject line (without the quotes)

2.    You will receive a Confirmation Request email from the list management system. 
Reply to this, leaving the subject line intact.

You will now receive a Welcome email and will be subscribed to the VISECTOR list.  You will receive job vacancy advertisements as these are posted to the list.  You cannot post messages to the VISECTOR list or reply to incoming messages.

In the event of any difficulty with the subscribe process, or any aspect of list operation, please send email to or contact me direct.

The VISECTOR mailing list is just one of a number of services being hosted at  The United Kingdom Vision Impairment Small Enterprise discussion list, UKVISE, and the United Kingdom Vision Impairment Employment discussion list, UKVIEMP, are also hosted at and other lists may be added in due course.  For further information, please send email to or contact me direct.